Plan for January 29th at the MIDDLE SCHOOL

Hello Everyone:

Remember we’re in the MIDDLE SCHOOL this week. Go around to the back and you’ll see the entrance for the rehearsal room.   Plan accordingly.  Fingers crossed.!  Weather is cooperating.  Here is the plan for Wednesday night.  Please have your music in order.  Bring your money for split club and the left over squares for the Super Bowl as this is the last opportunity to grab one.  Check your calendars to see if you can do the Sabre Game in March.  Nadine will love to get that out of the way. See you at the MIDDLE SCHOOL on Wednesday.  Be safe, healthy (ier), and happy.  – Marcia


7:00     Warm-ups

7:08     O Little Town of Bethlehem

7:14     And Can It Be?

7:21     The Nightingale

7:28     Rejoice The Lord Is King! – begin pg. 6, m.35 to end.


7:48     Is He Worthy?

8:01     Song of the Wanderer

8:09     Alway Something Sings – begin pg. 9, m.54 to end.

8:16     Boxes

8:32     Gloria In Excelsis

8:45     BREAK

9:00     Children Will Listen

9:06     Let It Go

9:14     All For the Best

9:24     All Good Gifts