Rehearsal Plan for tomorrow night at MIDDLE SCHOOL

Hello Everyone: Like the Bills recouped from a less than stellar Cleveland Game two Sundays ago with their statement win over Miami this past Sunday, I’m counting on BCAS to recover from an awfully sloppy rehearsal last week to sing a statement rehearsal tomorrow night.  Please plan on going up to 9:40.  Thanks so much… Read more »

Rehearsal Plan for Wednesday November 13th at MIDDLE SCHOOL

Hello Everyone and a very HAPPY VETERANS DAY TO ALL VETERANS WHO HAVE WORN THE UNIFORM FOR OUR COUNTRY!!!!!! We’re at the MIDDLE SCHOOL on Wednesday.  I am also respectfully asking for 10 extra minutes this week in order to sing EACH piece.  We’ll go to 9:40.  We’re at the music making point of making… Read more »

Rehearsal Plan for Wednesday, November 6th at HS.

Hello Everyone: I’m counting on you…….to mark your scores, to come with voice, pencil, scores (MARKED), and ready to dig into the following pieces.  Please note we will not be doing all our music for Christmas, but what we will do with the following ones for rehearsal will help us get ready for performance with… Read more »

Last night and beyond

Hello Everyone: I hope no one drowns doing Halloween Shenanigans! Last night was a very heart-warming rehearsal.  Again thanks Doug.  From my perspective however, it didn’t do much for getting this music in your ears. I love to ‘dig in’ and because a variety of reasons, I fell short in accomplishing my music goals. Here’s… Read more »

Hoo-Haa at 9:15….

………which prompts a schedule adjustment. Hi Everyone: My plan is to sing EVERY note of our Christmas music.  The following is the ‘new’ schedule for rehearsal.  Please be prepared with your best discipline in order for us to get that goal accomplished.  And you all deserve a little down time and socialization after this coming… Read more »

We turn the page…………..

Hello Everyone: But before we turn that page, I want you all to know that Saturday’s concert was so fine, so musical, so wonderfully inspiring. As one of my dear choral conducting friends said about “How Lovely”…………….’stunning’.  And it was.  Performed with such love and reverence for John.  The rest of the program was really,… Read more »

Music Order for Saturday’s Concert

Hello Everyone: We altered the dress rehearsal order of music for logistical and time reasons.  Here is the BCAS performance music order for your folders for Saturday night: Sing a New Song Dance For Love How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place Dirait-on Lullabye Pilgrim Song Come Dwell in Solomon’s Walls Cantate Canticum Novum Music of… Read more »

Rehearsal Plan for Wednesday, October 16th

Hello Everyone: This rehearsal on Wednesday night will include having Justin Pometliarz come to work through DANCE FOR LOVE, and THE MUSIC OF LIVING, both pieces he will be conducting.  His student Ani Gribbin will join us for extra piano part of SING A NEW SONG. Sarah Meredith is our Guest Accompanist for this concert. … Read more »

Schedule for October 9th , etc.

Hello Everyone: This blog has some important information regarding our October Concert: Concert Dress will be our FORMAL stuff.  Tuxedos, black shoes and socks; Black concert outfit, pearls and pearl earrings.  NO KNEE Hi stockings ladies.  We will be up and down on risers and the slit on the side of the skirt will show… Read more »

Thought I forgot you????

Hello Everyone: Here is the line-up for rehearsal pieces for tomorrow night, SWEET HOME HIGH SCHOOL……12 pieces. Please have ALL October music scores marked.  In addition, add the 3 Christmas pieces that we will be singing through to your marked scores.  As you noticed last week (for those who were not there be observant), we… Read more »