Today at 4:00 PM, and a fun event tomorrow night

Hello Everyone: The Covid picture is really not clearing up too much, and I, for one, l admit that is unfortunate.  Several choral folks have been discussing and participating in choral Webinars to make sure we’re up to date on what CAN happen when we’re all allowed to gather again in groups of more than… Read more »

Hello on a Wednesday, June 3rd.

Hello Everyone: My FIOS equipment is starting to ‘age’.  I have a technician coming to advise me and check all of it when I would be posting to BCAS tonight.  So, instead of this evening, I will be doing a post on Facebook, on Sunday, June 7th at 3:00PM, date and time for what would… Read more »

Happy Memorial Day Everyone and other Musings

Hello All: Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it???  I couldn’t help myself.  As we approach this unofficial beginning of summer this weekend, i can’t help but think that we’d be throat deep in preparations for LIVE AT THE RIV 7 (or is it 8?). And it was going to be amazing.  I can… Read more »

It’s Wednesday….you are missed

Hello Everyone, There really are no words to say how much I miss you, miss the normalcy of our Wednesday nights together, miss the music making!!! We’re dealing. Join me tonight in my way of connecting with you … at Facebook live and join now 99 friends of our Facebook member page, BCAS. I’ll be… Read more »

Hello Everyone:

I have been in contact with Dan Forrest each day, and several times during each day since we POSTPONED our concert with him. He is very anxious to re-schedule our AFTERNOON WITH DAN FORREST, but has to get another event re-scheduled first.  That event which was to be held this April 1-4 is at Calvin… Read more »

Concert News as of March 13th

Hello Everyone: Many of us suspected this, but it’s now official. Our Dan Forrest concert is now in the category of ‘postponement’. DF is sending me some dates for next season. Yes, next season. We will everything we can to accommodate him. A three-year initiative comes to a screeching halt. John Maguda is telling instrumentialists…. Read more »

Tonight’s Concert…..

…….at Slee is cancelled. Lancaster High Chorus and Orchestra have cancelled DF REQUIEM FOR LIVING which was to be performed tonight. …….NHL has suspended season so no 50/50 opportunity for us. Thank you so much for signing up to help us raise $$$ for BCAS. …….Governor Cuomo has now limited all public gatherings to no… Read more »

Tonight at High School

Hello Everyone: Were at HS tonight. Please bring all DF music. Order at rehearsal. Rehearsal will be cut short by 15 minutes. Next week we will hear all soloists from 8:45 on. Rehearsal next week will end early also by 45 minutes. Choral stuff will be 7:00 – 8:45. Nadine still needs10 people for Sabres… Read more »

Wednesday, March 4th Rehearsal at MIDDLE SCHOOL, etc.

Hello Everyone: Again, we have weather that is conducive to gathering on a Wednesday at the MIDDLE SCHOOL. FLU SEASON: I’d like to share a couple of thoughts regarding Flu Season.  As you know we are still in flu season, and as a matter of fact, this subject has been in the news in a… Read more »