Happy Memorial Day Everyone and other Musings

Hello All:

Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it???  I couldn’t help myself.  As we approach this unofficial beginning of summer this weekend, i can’t help but think that we’d be throat deep in preparations for LIVE AT THE RIV 7 (or is it 8?). And it was going to be amazing.  I can see a full house coming into focus as you all dug deep to get us an audience for this very anticipated show.  Your choral prep would be terrific, the soloists awesome as usual.  The memory of our Dan Forrest concert fresh in WNY minds and hearts encouraging an even larger rush on tickets.  But alas………………………………

So we come to this weekend, remembering our lost veterans who kept us free.  Our heads might be bowed, but our spirits are high knowing that sooner or later we will be together again, singing beautiful music, rehearsing the intricacies of wonderful yet fun Broadway and Pop classics, joining in spirited and wonderful conversations regarding our families, our concerns, our joy in being together, and of course telling stupid stories from the podium that you laugh at politely.  How I miss that!  How I miss you! How I miss the process of music making.  How i miss performance Day!  I KNOW for a fact you ladies will miss those lovely concert outfits and pashminas on a 97 degree Sunday in June.  And you gentlemen definitely will miss scrounging for a plain colored tie.  And of course after 9 weeks at home with nothing but the kitchen to visit, ALL concert outfits will fit PERFECTLY.  Here’s a thought!  Maybe we could all wrap pashminas around our newly formed bodies and guys could wear UNtuck it shirts.  Hmmmmmm..

But………………..we’re not the only ones in this situation. Seriously, I could go on and on about the courage of so many during this unprecedented time in all of our lives.  A Global Pandemic is THE only thing to stop us in our tracks, stop the music, quell the energy and dampen our spirits.  But its just a while now before we will be together again, however that might look, feel, or sound.

WNY is now in Phase I.  We hope we’re in Phase IV, but choral groups getting back together?…….that might be a stretch. However long it takes to come back together know that we’ll keep our eyes on the ball, our hearts open to any and all changes, our spirits lifted, our voices in unison heralding next Memorial Day preparing for LIVE AT THE RIV 8 (or is it 9)?

Let me know how you are.  I LOVE getting news from all of you.  If you are on Facebook and have not logged into our special BCAS group (for us only) send me an email so I know what your Facebook name is.  If you are NOT on Facebook consider just doing it to see members stuff and log in stuff.  My guess is that more of us are using our Facebook page rather than our Member page on our Webpage.  Facebook is where I do my LIVE Wednesday night stuff.  And Facebook is where you will find me on Wednesday at 7:00 PM with apologies for not being able to do this last week.  I’m planning on this coming Wednesday though.  See you then.

Be safe, healthy, happy, and hold on for a bit longer.  It may be a while before we all are together again.  I’m going to see if I can set up a Zoom meeting for all of us.  I think a Zoom can host 100.  Details to come.

I love and miss you so much,