Hi, all,

A quick reminder to all to please return your music as soon as possible so that we can scan it in to the library and find the missing pieces.  The total value of each individual’s music for the Dan Forrest concert AND the Riviera is almost $70 so it is very important that we get all of it back home to the chorus.

We have asked that you do this by this Wednesday, July 22nd.  If this is not possible, please call one of the following Board members to make arrangements for your return.  We will begin making calls to members by the end of this week so it would be terrific if you could get in touch with one of us prior to beginning to track the music down.

Please call:

Gail–435-0176 or 947-0176 (1623 Old Manor Drive, Derby)

Nadine–771-6909 (83 Lydia Lane)

Kevin–390-0353 (2140 Eggert Road)

Beth Anne–390–7059 (99 Delham)

Tom–698–5220 (315 Parkhurst Blvd, Tonawanda)

To all of those who have taken care of this already, thank you so much!!!  And stay safe everyone!