Wednesday, March 4th Rehearsal at MIDDLE SCHOOL, etc.

Hello Everyone:

Again, we have weather that is conducive to gathering on a Wednesday at the MIDDLE SCHOOL.


I’d like to share a couple of thoughts regarding Flu Season.  As you know we are still in flu season, and as a matter of fact, this subject has been in the news in a more serious manner for the last month.  I have been in several ladies rooms over the last few days and noticed that not everyone washes hands.  If you listen to any experts on this subject each will tell you that of all the things we can do to avoid catching these germs, (among them avoiding hand shakes (fist bumps, elbow pumps more acceptable), coughing into a Kleenex, especially avoiding coughing into your hands, using sanitizers) the most effective is hand washing – FREQUENTLY.  It is thought that singing TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LONDON BRIDGE IS FALLING DOWN, offer the suggested times to wash our hands, something like 20-30 seconds.  Imagine that lavatory with you singing these simple children’s songs.  I LOVE IT.  I know each and every one of you wants to be healthy to sing this amazing FORREST concert.  We all want to be healthy.  So let’s all practice healthy solutions to avoid the  spread germs, especially during our rehearsals where we are in very close quarters.  If you are suffering from any of these spreadable symptoms, stay home…..please!  I would rather have you recovering elsewhere without infecting others. A Board member yesterday suggested, hopefully in jest, that I should also say unequivocally that  I won’t be mad if you miss a rehearsal as you recover from a spreadable illness. And that is true!


I will be hearing individual (you can all be in the room) auditions for our Forrest concert on Wednesday, March 18 after the regular rehearsal which will go until 8:45.  These auditions should be completed 8:45 – 9:30.  Plan to sing a wonderful audition since there are a number of you and only 3 or 4 possibilities.  The more the merrier!


I read an email from Keith Ersing last week regarding his invitation to singers of BCAS for 24-32 singers (balanced voices SATB) to join 2 high school choruses by singing Dan Forrest’s REQUIEM FOR THE LIVING in honor of John who loved this piece.  That concert will be the Thursday before Mother’s Day and there will be a some rehearsals prior. I’ll have specific rehearsal dates and times available for you this Wednesday night.  These rehearsals will take place AFTER our Dan Forrest concert.  I would think that it would be MOST helpful if you have some good sight-reading chops, be able to work on the music before  these rehearsals on your own, and be willing to meet with the other forces at lease 3-4 times.  Last year we had about 12 of our singers help Keith out.  I appreciate his thinking of us especially as this concert will be in honor of John’s memory.  I have no plans to have extra rehearsals for those wishing to sing.


7:00     Warm-ups

7:08     Is He Worthy? –m. 57-65 to end, score marking – 15

7:23     Rejoice, the Lord is King! – pg. 7, m.46 – end – 12

7:35     Gloria in Excelsis – pg. 6, Letter D – m. 60; m. 61 – to end – 20

7:55     ANNOUNCEMENTS – 12

8:07     The Nightingale – 10

8:17     The Girl I Left Behind Me – 20

8:37     Boxes – 8

8:45     BREAK – 15

9:00     A Million Dreams – 10

9:10     The Spark of Creation -10

9:20     In Whatever Time We Have – 10

See you Wednesday at the Middle School.