Wednesday February 19 at High School

Hello Everyone:

I am on my way to London, England for my great niece Sienna’s Baptism.  We are so lucky to have Doug willing to fill in for me.  Thanks Doug.  The plan is for him to take 7:00 – 8:45 on Dan Forrest music, or whatever he wishes to do.  After that, Doug will go over the solos for the Forrest music for any and all who wish to get their audition in order.  Rehearsal is at the HIGH SCHOOL.

On TUESDAY, February 25th we will be rehearsing at the MIDDLE SCHOOL, regular rehearsal time.  If I’m not too jet-lagged, I’ll get a plan to you on Monday the 24th.  Please plan accordingly.

Have a wonderful rehearsal.  You’re in good hands.  I will miss you all