Rehearsal Plan for January 22nd. 2020, and other stuff

Hello Everyone:

Here is the plan for Wednesday night.  Please put your music in order.  I actually did this plan on Thursday after our last rehearsal, when our musical needs were very fresh.  Their is actually a method to my madness.  Weather looks very good.  Keep your fingers crossed.


Rehearsal Plan 1/22/20

7:00       Warm-ups

7:10       Anthems of Love – pg. 8 to end

7:16       Gloria In Excelsis Deo – pg. 8, m61 to end

7:25       Boxes – melodic lines on Doo, then text

7:40       Come To Me – pg 9, m36 – end


8:00       Alway Something Sings

8:09       Song of the Wanderer

8:20       The Girl I Left Behind

8:40       BREAK

8:55       June is Bustin’ Out All Over – RIV

9:03       Children of Eden- RIV

9:11       Spark of Creation- RIV

9:21       In Whatever Time- RIV


  1. Be aware that we will have rehearsals at the Middle School on the following dates:1/29; 2/19; 2/25 (TUESDAY!!!); and 3/4.
  2. I have Nicole Lilley, Nancy Seel; JoAnn Mis; Darilyn Thundat, and possibly Ann Schieder to help at the ECMEA Conference Day, this Friday, with set up at 7:15 ish AM.  We will only go to around 11:00 or so.
  3. SEE #1:  We will be rehearsing on TUESDAY, February 25, due to the 26th being Ash Wednesday and several singers will be involved in church services for Lent. That night we will be at the MIDDLE SCHOOL on Maple Road.