Philadelphia Trip

Hi Everyone:

There is so much uncertainty these days that it’s hard to know what day it is.  The Board met over Zoom a week ago Sunday.  One of the topics we discussed was the Philadelphia Trip.  Those who were going on the trip have or will be receiving a refund check.  We’ve decided that it was in the best interest of all the cancel the trip at this time.  There are many who are suffering financially because of the COVID Shut Down and many who may be hesitant to travel to a big city.  Add to that the question of when choruses and choirs may even be allowed to perform at what time in the future.  Gail was able to get the full deposit refunded.

Let’s hope we are singing again soon and that another trip might be planned before we know it.  There is so much uncertainty when viruses are concerned.  Keep praying that, as our country (and the world) starts reopening, there is no spike and that it just gradually mutates and weakens over time.