Music Order for Saturday’s Concert

Hello Everyone:

We altered the dress rehearsal order of music for logistical and time reasons.  Here is the BCAS performance music order for your folders for Saturday night:

  1. Sing a New Song
  2. Dance For Love
  3. How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place
  4. Dirait-on
  5. Lullabye
  6. Pilgrim Song
  7. Come Dwell in Solomon’s Walls
  8. Cantate Canticum Novum
  9. Music of Living

A HUGE thank you to all our operations folks, our unparalleled crew!!!!  After the set-up and tear-down on Tuesday night – long after many of you were in your cars and listening to the Sabre game, they had to get the equipment to an area of the church that required tons of pushing, pulling, sweat, and labor.  Thanks so much to all of you.  We owe each of these fine volunteers a big thank you, especially Mark – truck, and Rick filling in for Andrea for set up, etc.

Remember that call on Saturday night is 6:30 IN CONCERT DRESS, parking at UB next door, avoiding the St. Joe’s lots.  Please leave all valuables home.  Try to only bring into the church your folder.  And, have your folder ready to go, music in order.  Please NO PERFUMED scents.  Be kind to your riser mates.

I am so stoked for this concert.  You have come a long way from our September beginning, with many in mourning for our esteemed accompanist, John, and many new members who needed to get used to our methods.  I am so pleased with our work ethic, our musical growth in 7 short weeks.  Let’s hope we have a ton of folks in the seats to experience your artistry.

Buh – less you! That’s BLESS,