Menu for 1/15 Rehearsal – Dan Forrest music

Menu for 1/15 Rehearsal – Dan Forrest music

Hello everyone:

For those of you who are new to us, I try to make every effort to get you a rehearsal plan on the Monday before rehearsal so you can put your music in order.  As you know we have a ton of music to learn, so, if your music is in order BEFORE you get in your seat, we can zip along and save precious minutes.

In this rehearsal plan, we will be working strictly Dan Forrest music.  In order to give each of the 11 pieces in the plan due diligence, I am asking that announcements be limited to 1 session of 12 minutes.

I am very happy with your reading last week, but for you veterans, you know it kills me to let all sorts of things go by.  But you were VERY musical in your mistakes!!!! Ha!

Please know that I want to take advantage of the good weather we seemingly will have this Wednesday and hopefully will have in the future to get good, solid, efficient rehearsals in.  If you remember, last year we lost 4, count them 4, rehearsals due to bad traveling weather during January and February. As I look back we really lost continuity and zeal for our work.  The concert was wonderful but we really did loose precious time. I learned!   What do they say:  PLAN AHEAD.

If you haven’t gotten a rehearsal tape and will benefit from hearing the Forrest songs for familiarization and perhaps note-learning, do so.  Linda has done a great job of putting together good performances of Dan’s music.


7:00       Warm-ups – 8

7:08       Anthems of Love – 7

7:15       Is He Worthy? – 12

7:27       Always Something Sings – 15

7:42       ANNOUNCEMENTS – 12

7:54       Boxes – 15

8:09       And Can It Be? – 10

8:19       Rejoice, the Lord is King! – 8

8:27       BREAK – 15

8:42       Song of the Wanderer – 15

8:54       The Nightingale – 12

9:04       The Girl I Left Behind – 10

9:14       Come To Me – 7

9:21       Gloria In Excelsis – 9


See you Wednesday night.  If you cannot make a rehearsal remember to contact;;  (during January), and (February –June).  Some of you still are only contacting me.  Please add Beth Anne and Paula and Sharon to your email list. And a special request, since we will NOT set up a chair for you if you are absent – EMAIL US BY AT LEAST 3:00 pm on rehearsal days.


Lovingly with Forrest music in my ears,