Last night and beyond

Hello Everyone:

I hope no one drowns doing Halloween Shenanigans!

Last night was a very heart-warming rehearsal.  Again thanks Doug.  From my perspective however, it didn’t do much for getting this music in your ears. I love to ‘dig in’ and because a variety of reasons, I fell short in accomplishing my music goals.

Here’s how you can help me achieve these simple goals:  1.  learn notes and rhythms; 2.  learn your individual parts; 3.  pay particular attention to composer’s markings and my markings; LISTEN TO THE CD LINDA PROVIDED – it is terrific and will be so helpful.  Thanks so much Linda.  Put it in your car, on your phone, etc.  Live with these pieces – notationally, rhythmically, interpretively; 4.  MARK YOUR SCORES. Too many of you were looking onto other singers scores to see what was happening.  I don’t want to draw any individual attention, and we’ve laughed and enjoyed some humor for some who ‘struggle’ to get these markings, but I truly see them as the only way to get to the dress with you, the singer OWNING this music as you did the with October batch of songs.  Keep working.  Most are absolutely working hard to achieve these 4 basic concert goals I have. Thank you so much.  You are our leaders.

I will send the rehearsal plan for next Wednesday – November 6th (at the HIGH SCHOOL), in a day or two.  Please read it and observe the above suggestions.  I would think if you gave these pieces a total of 3 hours between now and next Wednesday, we should be well on our way to really doing a bang up concert.  Yeah.

We have 4 rehearsals until the Dress rehearsal at St. Amelia’s.

I’m counting on you ——Marcia