Last night and a member in need of a ride

Hello Everyone:

Good run-through of tunes for the RIV last night.  I forgot how we sounded in the HS choral space.  Nice sound.

Next week we will really concentrate on all the hard stuff, especially in BEATLES REVUE, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, and a few other spots that we obviously need some wood-shedding.  So be prepared to dig in.  I would ask that you number your measures please.  It saves so much time in rehearsals to all refer to the same spot quickly.

Those who are scheduled to audition, please come prepared with music for John.  I was so happy to hear those auditioners last night.

I want to personally thank the Board members who put our ‘after concert hoo-haa’ together last night.  And a really big shout out to all the members who brought something to share and drink.  I had absolutely NO control when it came to trying all the savory and sweet stuff.  The tables were a sight to behold for anyone who had missed dinner, or had been there from 6:00 PM.  Thanks Gail for organizing all of that.  Such a great crew!

And now, a member in need for a ride to rehearsals.  I heard from Christina Kinney regarding last night’s rehearsal and that she had to miss because she did not have a ride.  We want no member to miss due to transportation issues.  Here is her email to me which I told her I would share.  And here is her email  You can also find her on the member file on the webpage.

Hi Marcia,

I ride the subway and my bike on Mondays because Daemen is closer to home. My office is at 6390 Main Street between Youngs and Transit just outside Williamsville. Another option is someone who works downtown could pick me up from home, which is 175 Linwood Ave. I get home at 6 most days. Either way I either need someone to drive me home or to the train station at the South campus after rehearsal. Thanks so much for helping. I can pay for gas for anyone who has to go out of their way.

Thank you,

It was so good to see Brian Evans, Jill Herron, and Candace Schultz back in the saddle, so to speak.  We welcome them back and hopefully say hello to John Fields as well.  In addition we will welcome back Elliott Michki, a tenor who sang with us during our Stroope concert.  Thanks Jill Harrison for this ‘reconnection’.  Elliott is observing Jill’s classes as part of his program at Buff State.

We will miss Mel Churchill, Sarah Van Saders, Elaine Knecht, and Danielle Paradowski who won’t be back until the fall.

Our ever-revolving door of members certainly keeps us all on our toes.  This is a great time and place to thank Tina who keeps all this straight, Rick, who keeps track of all the comings and goings of music, and Sharon (and Paula), who handles all the seating cards.  Great job all.

OK………….again back to taxes.  I’ll see you next week for ‘dig-in’ time.