Hello Everyone:

I have been in contact with Dan Forrest each day, and several times during each day since we POSTPONED our concert with him. He is very anxious to re-schedule our AFTERNOON WITH DAN FORREST, but has to get another event re-scheduled first.  That event which was to be held this April 1-4 is at Calvin College, and according to Dan, is much harder to get done.  I can imagine.  Schools are closed, colleges are on a long break or on-line. In order to get him signed up again, I proposed a date next February 28th, keeping us far enough away from our early May RIV 2021 scheduled date, and our July tour to Philadelphia to afford us enough rehearsal time to do each and all WELL.  His response was that he has a full calendar next spring and would rather get us lined up for the Fall.  We can only hope.  This information is as recent as 12:15 this afternoon.

I’m sure you’re all wondering if the RIV concert will happen.  So am I.  If the 8 week avoidance of all gatherings more than 50 holds, it would take us to beginning of May. If we can gather to rehearse by that week, we may make it.  However, I am doubtful.  We’re doing the best we can to get you all information that is timely, and true and Board approved as far as member issues such as tickets, folders, etc..

I have appreciated the emails from members who have voiced disappointment, yet respectfully respect our situation.  It’s a BUMMER!  Is is not?  As I write, our webpage will indicate to you and to the audience who so strongly supports us, more specificity with how to handle those things such as tickets, and all those other  things that are a part of our ‘administrivia’ as we deal with this disappointing situation of a possibly lost spring season.  But the health of our singers, and our families is of a most urgent concern.

Please stay in touch with each other, me, and whomever you choose.  I am using this time first:  all thing BCAS, and second: to do my taxes.

Oh how I wish we had rehearsal tomorrow night.

With love to each and everyone of you, and yours,