Counting the days and Thanksgiving!

Hi, all,

A few quick calculations:

  1.  19 days until our first Christmas concert!
  2.  2 regular rehearsals and 1 dress rehearsal giving us a total of 3 rehearsals left.
  3. 11 days until Thanksgiving

The words practice, practice, and practice come to mind.  The words “come to every rehearsal for any changes or new markings”  even if we can’t sing, come to mind. The words tickets, tickets and tickets as we watch our thermometer head toward our final goal come to mind.  And the word grateful comes to mind as we approach Thanksgiving.

Grateful for music.  Grateful for each other.  Grateful for the gift of singing that we have been given.  With that in mind, I would like to invite any chorus member who does not have a place to go on Thanksgiving day, to come to the Manor House here on the lake. Bring a friend or whoever but please feel free to come.  We have a crowd and we will be watching the Bill’s game and eating up a storm.  Let me know if you would like to join us.

See you Wednesday!  Practice……sell tickets…….gratitude……..