Concert News as of March 13th

Hello Everyone:

Many of us suspected this, but it’s now official. Our Dan Forrest concert is now in the category of ‘postponement’.

DF is sending me some dates for next season. Yes, next season. We will everything we can to accommodate him. A three-year initiative comes to a screeching halt. John Maguda is telling instrumentialists. Venues are being contacted. There will be many more specific administrivia notices from the Board regarding, tickets, music, refunds, etc. for this concert. Stay tuned and help each other with this information, especially those who don’t tend to read stuff from us.

We don’t come to this decision happily. It was made for us by SH not allowing us to use their space. We cannot gather more than 250 people in any one place-audience related. Dan will probably not be allowed to fly to NY State.

  • If allowed we will resume on Wednesday, April 22nd at SH to rehearse RIV music. Notice IF ALLOWED.

My prayer and hope is that each and every one of and your families are not touched by this insipid virus. Follow all recommendations and edicts. Be safe, healthy and musically attuned.

More to follow.-M