Hi, all,

Yes, it is time for us to begin to collect the music that is sitting at your residence in a folder or envelopes, gathering dust!  We are all in possession of the complete Dan Forrest concert music, the Riviera concert music, and any other music that has not found it’s way back into our music library!

The Board discussed a method to collect the music that would be easiest for all of you!  Here we go:

  •  Please find your music and look at your calendar over the next week.  We are asking that all music be returned during the window of Wednesday, July 15th to Wednesday, July 22nd.  Please plan your delivery day and location.

Take a look at the list below and choose the location that works best for you!  Each of us will have a box or a container for you to drop it into without personal contact for safety purposes.  You may also call or text one of us and arrange a pickup spot if that is easier for you.  If needed, one of us will meet and greet you WITH our masks on at a convenient location that works for you!  Your GPS will guide you to one of the drop off locaions!   Another way to do this is to contact a buddy (or several) who live(s) near you and combine the music for one person to make the “journey”.

The drop off locations are as follows:

  • Southtowns:  Gail at 1623 Old Manor Drive, Derby.  435-0176 or 947-0176 (I will also come to you, if needed)
  • Cheektowaga:  Nadine Benstead, 83 Lydia Lane, Cheektowaga, 771-6909
  • Williamsville, Amherst, Clarence:  Kevin Phalen, Balance Living Chiropractic, 2140 Eggert Rd, M-F: 8:30-1, 2:30-7, Sat: 9-12, (Tuesday:10-7) there will be a Bin in the vestibule,  390-0353
  • Buffalo:  Beth Anne Jasen, 99 Delham Ave., North Buffalo, Bin will be on the back porch next to the garage. 390-7059
  • Tonawanda, Lewiston:  Tom Nabor, 315 Parkhurst Blvd, Tonawanda., 14223,  covered porch with plastic bin with a cover,  698-5220

Thank you for helping us out with this important project.  The more music that is returned this coming week, the less time we will need to spend chasing you down!  I spent a few moments calculating the value of each set and the Dan Forrest concert music is valued at $26.50 and the Riviera concert music is valued at $32.40.  This means that you are in possession of $58.90 of music plus anything else that you might have that belongs to our library. When I multiply that times 100 singers, it is $5890.00.

Have a great rest of your day!  And stay safe!  Happiness is……..our finding your music in one of our bins!  Take care!